Online Dating Tips - Profile Introduction

Right, so you have you type of girl in mind (or hopefully will do soon). Now it is time to get your profile out into the world. I do not want to give you the old boring honesty is the best policy here. Or just be yourself, cause that is terrible advice.

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The real secret is to try and portray an exaggerated form of yourself online to create attraction. This is some of the best online dating tips & profile advice I can give. This can be the difference between having plenty of girls interested or just being another dull profile. I will try to explain further as it is essential online dating tips & profile advice.

Online Dating Tips - Profile Creates Connection

When writing your internet dating profile you must do two things: Create attraction and create a connection. This is why you need to pick the type of girl you want. If you know your target audience. You can stick using emotional triggers, to create attraction and create a connection online.

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Online Dating Tips - Bring It All Together

To try and put everything together for you, I will explain everything (this attraction thing can sound complicated can't it?)

Firstly once you have your type of girl picked out, you need to create an exaggerated personality of yourself, on your online profile. The aim is to reach out and draw a girl to you. From here you can start using attractive behavior, to create attraction and build a connection online. Get this process right and you will practically have the girl asking, not if, but when can you meet up.

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